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1Sol - A Cross-chain DEX Aggregator on solana
  • an innovative cross-chain DeFi aggregator on solana and more


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All-in-1Sol cross-chain DeFi aggregator tailored for Solana and more

There have been increasing number of projects focused on infrastructure building including DEXs, lending and DeFi platforms on Solana. Meanwhile, more and more transactions want to get onto Solana, and currently we don't have a convenient way that features cross-chain. Therefore, a cross-chain DEX/DeFi aggregator will bring great benefit for prospering Solana ecosystem. 1Sol.io aims at serving as the go-to trading portal for trading on Solana by ensuring a seamless, efficient and secure trading experience. Each user will be provided with a full package of information on prices, slippage and costs of all DEXs to pinpoint the most cost-effective deal based on cross-chain aggregation.

Team Information

The core members of 1Sol Foundation are crypto veterans with profound experience in developing, trading and project managing. Tintin, 1Sol's Project Manager, is an active investor and observer in crypto space for 8 years with profound tech background, an experienced and energetic entrepreneur who has founded several internet marketing companies. Croath, 1Sol's Technical Director, has been a full-stack blockchain developer for over 7 years, community contributor for Ethereum and EOS, Read Eval tech writer and translator. Asahi, senior Solidity and Rust developer, former technical director of a Japanese art coin, a crypto wallet, and an algorithmic stablecoin.

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