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Moonbeam / Moonriver Democracy Mini App Integration for AR Wallet (Kiyomi)
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Updated 471 days ago
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Display and Play with Your NFTs in Augmented Reality and Interact with Web3 Through Mini Apps

Kiyomi is more than just a multi-chain mobile wallet. It is the portal to the metaverse.

An app to display and play with your NFTs in augmented reality, but with a composable user experience that is mindful of the needs and interactions of a web2 community coming closer to web3.

With the latter in mind, Kiyomi presents the concept of the “mini app” inside the wallet. It is the ability to download mini-apps that suit the needs of the user, or that fit the needs of a particular blockchain ecosystem. In this context, in Kiyomi, a user may unlock mini apps or mini experiences based on the tokens held — for example, unlocking a mini-game for a particular NFT collection. The user may also download tools, in the form of a mini app, that allow the user to be more engage in a blockchain ecosystem — such as a governance mini-app for a DOTSAMA parachain.

Lack of governance engagement.
Low turn out for voting.
Complex UX / UI.

For ETHDenver 2022, we buidl the following:
(1) We started transforming Kiyomi wallet from a single chain wallet, and into a multi chain wallet by adding a showcase feature, where Kiyomi wallet users can scan a friend's Metamask wallet QR code and showcase their friend's NFTs in AR.
(2) Most importantly, we implemented the concept of the democracy mini-app for the Moonbean and Moonriver parachain. It is a mini-app that is unlocked once a user holds KSM, DOT, MOVR, or GLMR. The democracy pre-compile is used to pull proposals and referendums and display them inside the wallet.

The democracy mini-app allows users to view on-chain proposals, create proposals, second proposals, and vote for referendums directly from their wallet through the use of the democracy pre-compile.


  • Web3JS, and native Web3JS library.
  • The democracy precompile ABI was loaded and calls to contract are executed from mobile wallet
  • Queries for NFTs on EVM were done using a hosted Tracer Node with an indexer service.
  • Queries for NFTs on Moonbeam and Moonriver would require a similar set up.



  • Complete architecture for democracy mini-app
  • Support KSM to XC-20 migration directly from wallet
  • Support showcasing Moonbeam NFTs inside the wallet
  • Develop more mini-apps and integrations
  • Finish building Kiyomi wallet and launch it on TestFlight!!!!!
  • Continue expanding Kiyomi wallet to other parachains and other L1/L2s
  • Implement PolkadotJS natively
  • Grant Participation
  • Hackathon Participation
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