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IPFS · Ethereum

Funbugᵍᵐ is an abstract P2E engine, decentralized and ready for any developer of a small game to implement and turn the game over to the community.

Funbugᵍᵐ is an open P2E engine. Many games will inhabit the Funbug ecosystem. They'll share one economy, but they'll be able to award hard currency, soft currency, NFT based inventory, and a big prize pool among them.

The modular approach of Funbugᵍᵐ makes it resistant to attacks of all kinds, tactical to economic.



  • Developer funds FunbugRegistrar.sol with Eth
  • Funbug delivers Funbugᵍᵐ to game’s wallet address 
  • Developer chooses a set of Logic Circuits to govern the mechanics of:

- hard currency, aka Funbugᵍᵐ

  • soft currency to be used solely within a single game
  • Inventory management - mint / burn NFTs direct from contract, or stake them
  • Prize Pool


  • The Developer now has a set of interfaces for the systems needed to plug into a functioning economy

  • App points at FunbugRegistrar.sol and the contract flow takes care of everything else


  • At any time, the wallet that owns a given Game Session can change the Logic Circuits used to calculate state of all systems.
  • The Developer can choose to change to a contract that already exists and is deployed or deploy their own Logic Circuits should they so choose.
  • Logic Circuits are developed and maintained by the Funbugᵍᵐ community.

P2E is a serious trend - thousands of hours are currently being consumed as people get compensated to play games.

But incentives on closed platforms are built to create tenants with lock-in. Without the ability to control one's own inventory or the rules behind the scoring, users are unwittingly moving into a platform's backyard.

Funbugᵍᵐ is neutral, and will be owned by the community that builds on top of it. All economic systems are welcome! We believe that a wide variety of score accumulation structures indexed to a single token will provide a slow sustainability on the platform - it's tremendously difficult to capture a platform whose users bend it toward chaos.

Funbugᵍᵐ's flexible rules structure is inspired by the game Nomic, and experiment in metamagical themas created by philosopher Peter Suber in 1983. - h/t to Billy Rennekamp for the suggestion.

Out of scope for this hackathon team size were two components we really wanted to pursue:

  • Implement a governance layer that triggers the gameWallet actions that change rulesets for Funbugᵍᵐ, e.g. Snapshot, Tally, AstroDAO, Gnosis Guild, etc
  • Implement a game! maría paula suggested to integrate a bounty based application like code4rena - this is totally doable! We thought about using a Discord trivia game as a way to simulate many rounds of bounties in short time cycles.

Funbugᵍᵐ: the sustainable, regenerative way to play to earn!

The tech behind Funbugᵍᵐ: Funbugᵍᵐ Univseral Game State System Architecture Diagram

Flow of a Call

Many thanks to the wonderful people who contributed thoughts and prayers to this project:

  • @mptherealmvp
  • @okwme
  • @dennnnnnnnny
  • @7surfer7silver7
  • @jwaup
  • @aidan#9451
  • @phones111111
  • @saksijas
  • @no__________end
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