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On-chain Data Snapshots Made Easy

Blocksnap is a simple, powerful tool that makes it easy to capture snapshots of on-chain data, and utilize that data in your web3 application.

A snapshot is a list of wallet addresses that have performed some on-chain action. Blocksnap makes generating these snapshots a breeze.

Blocksnap currently supports ETH Mainnet, Polygon, Arbitrum and Optimism (but this approach works with any EVM compatible chain).

To generate a snapshot, just enter the contract address you wish to query and specify the event data you want to filter and capture. Blocksnap will parse through the blockchain data that matches your query and format it as a CSV file for you to download.

Blocksnap will also generate a Merkle Tree of the captured data, allowing you to generate a cryptographic proof that a given wallet address exists in the snapshot you captured. This proof can be verified both off -and on-chain.

Are you launching an NFT? Blocksnap makes it easy to capture snapshots of other project whose holders will be on your whitelist.

Launching a token? Easily query for current token holders, and airdrop additional tokens to them to reward participation.

Running a DAO? Use Blocksnap to gather a list of users who voted on your on-chain proposal.

Building a DeFi protocol? Blocksnap lets you query a list of all wallet addresses that have deposited a given token into your protocol in a given timeframe.

Blocksnap opens up the power of on-chain data to anyone. What will you build?

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