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Clean small token balances from your wallet and swap for ETH!

Clean small token balances from your wallet and swap for ETH!

Full Product Write-up on Mirror: https://launch.mirror.xyz/EwldfOSzRyv2uwOg8hCctXdvfps4LygGZnIR2j_mrJk


DustSweeper (🧹,🧹) allows users to swap small balance tokens (”dust”) for ETH without expensive gas transactions. Users just have to approve() the tokens they’d like to sell, and “market taker” bots execute the swap.

Many Ethereum mainnet users have low-balance tokens (<$500) in their wallets from old trades, airdrops, and trying out apps back when gas was cheap. They’d like to sell these tokens for ETH to clean out these wallets but gas prices are prohibitively high for swapping on Uniswap/Sushi/etc.



  • Grand Prize: Using Chainlink Price Feeds in our smart contract both to fetch value of ERC20s paid to makers’ and enforce this payment as a security mechanism.


  • Events API Endpoints: Used to find open orders from makers who have approved tokens

  • Catch-all API Endpoints: Using covalent API to create a dashboard with a wallet's ERC20s

Target Users

🐷 Ethereum OG users want to get rid of low-balance tokens in their wallets. 🤖 Market takers bots want to buy tokens at a discount and/or run arbitrage.

...continued on https://launch.mirror.xyz/EwldfOSzRyv2uwOg8hCctXdvfps4LygGZnIR2j_mrJk

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