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Colorado Aware
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Moving Colorado To A Net Zero World One Notification At A Time

Colorado needs to make the transition to renewables as soon as possible. The 2040 goal set by Governor Polis is just the start. There is work to do technologically, culturally, and with regulations. A transition to renewables is a lot of work. Colorado Aware is an application to enable all of that. It is deliberately built as a change management approach to the renewable energy transition. It follows a strategic development that gradually moves users into a blockchain environment for distributed energy resource (DER) management and optimization.

It starts with a notification system for Coloradans' to adjust their energy usage in times of high demand on the grid. This helps prevent outages, conserve energy, and keep power demand and supply stable. As Coloradans become aware of their impact and increase their collaboration with grid operators, they'll be more likely to start making other conservation behaviors and begin down an approach to large-scale change.

The grid is increasingly decentralized as more wind, solar, and electric vehicles expand the edges of power consumption. As the grid continues to become more decentralized, Colorado will need a software infrastructure to not only support all of these devices but optimize production and consumption of energy and build a software layer that is flexible and resilient. Blockchain is precisely this. And a software layer that supports this energy environment creates 21st-century digital highways. Software is modern infrastructure.

Colorado Aware, with a true MVP beginning, will help optimize the onboarding of renewables to the grid, to our households and empower future innovation in energy (like tokenized conservation incentives, or peer to peer energy trading). This is just the beginning for Coloradans' to become Aware of their impact and partake in the state's transition to renewable energy.

If interested, see this link for our Demo deck and reach out to team members on Discord with any questions, comments, or feedback:


Discord Names: 👩‍💼@vincenzospaghetti#8265 👩‍🎨@Yolantis#2630 👨‍💻 @wesw#0550

🌎 Thank you and let's save the planet! 🌎

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