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Ethereum · Polygon · IPFS · Chainlink
Updated 560 days ago
Ethereum · Polygon · IPFS · Chainlink


Mobile buy and sell marketplace enforced and incentivized by smart contracts and backed by a DAO


ExchangeIt is a decentralized mobile marketplace for individuals to create listings and submit offers for local goods around their location. Transactions are enforced by smart contract escrowing and completed using a GPS backed Chainlink EA. Disputes and bad actors are regulated by a DAO governance.

The problem that ExchangeIt is addressing relates to the user experience of selling goods in an online marketplace and completing the transaction in person. This is accomplished through incentivization.

The main mechanisms for incentivizing people to meet and fully commit to their exchange obligations are based on two key functionalities:

  1. Escrow for over collateralizing by enforcing a fixed deposit on both sides and a reward system
  2. Two-man rule for unlocking the escrow to retrieve deposit We've deployed a fully functional version of our mobile app on the Mumbai Testnet.