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Updated 560 days ago


Rewards and Incentives for Farmers and Food System Supporters



Our food system is made up of a complex network of farmland, farmers, farmers markets, logistics and distribution providers, co-operatives, distribution mechanisms, and other aligned parties. Although Colorado has a long standing history of co-operatives (even inspiring the LCA now popular with DAOs), and new entities such as the Rocky Mountain Food Coalition are stepping up to support our communities, our local food system is only successful due to a vast network of support. Our trust includes philanthropists, land owners, altruistic producers, logistics providers, and others who choose to forego financial rewards in order to realize collective ideals.

The individuals who bear the burden of support have gone unnoticed for too long.

Enter farm kudos

Kudos are a new way to enable us to recognize our best contributors, individuals and groups. The tokens are only available as an earnable reward and are non-transferrable. As a result, the only way to accumulate kudos is through direct action.

How it works

A Guild can be defined as any group or individual who is able to make positive contributions to our Colorado foods system. A yet to be established DAO (in the works!) will provide Guilds with the ability to distribute kudos. Goals can be set for a wide range of environmental or social goals. Once goals are met, Guilds can distribute tokens to their contributors.

Since kudos do not need to be directly owned by the individuals being rewarded, we are able to completely abstract away all of the complexities found within a typical web3 onboarding experience; a user only needs an email address to establish an account. Rewards may be airdropped or can be redeemed by scanning a QR code to verify participation.

Because the Guilds which are most aligned with the goals of the DAO will have more “reward power,” volunteers and other contributors will be motivated to seek rewards from the best performing Guilds.

Contributors who accumulate enough kudos will unlock rewards levels for many benefits such as discounts, access to special events, and other community recognition mechanisms which have previously been difficult to track.


kudos are an ERC-20 token with a contract deployed on Harmony. The non-transferrable reputational token is governed through a DxDAO Guild. A Guild is only able to transfer an approved amount of farm kudos to employees, volunteers, and other contributors.


Today many efforts go unrecognized and yet a simple kudos can make a big difference in motivation for volunteers. We can take this a step farther to incentivize participants at every step of the process, ultimately effecting positive changes in our food system.

The extensibility of this model is clear: any cooperative such as a DAO can use Kudos to recognize guilds for their work and guilds subsequently recognize their members.

And here's our meme. We home you enjoy!

Team Information

Bill (Software Development): UI/Solidity. Formerly graphic designer at ConsenSys. MS in Computer Science (2022)

Daniel (Entrepreneur): Technical leader harnessing web3 for farmers.

Kyle (Strategy): Raised millions of dollars for agriculture companies. Has a small farm in Mexico.

Pat (UX): Disrupted the solar industry by creating a lower marginal cost software based solution for sales organizations.