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Updated 471 days ago

Artist Fairness Tools for NFTs with Anonymous Decentralized Identity Credentials

The current state of the NFT ecosystem has many problems with fairness. The most popular of NFT releases are plagued with problems around botting, exhausting whitelist grinding, insiders with unfair advantages and more. We solve this using CandidNFT: a a toolkit for artists to be able to sell directly to their collectors based on real-world off-chain identities such as their Social Security Number or Coinbase account, without any loss of privacy for the user.

We use techniques discussed in the original CanDID decentralized identity paper from IEEE S&P 2021. For this particular hackathon, we leverage Intel SGX, anonymous credentials, Proof of Attendance Protocol (PoAP) tokens, Chainlink VRF, and the Pokt network.

We demo an NFT drop, raffling 1 piece of art to all eligible attendees of ETH Denver that have a PoAP from meeting a group member. Starting on the 20th of February through the 24th, attendees that met us in person and received a PoAP, Attended any ETH Global event in 2019 or prior and received a PoAP from those events, or anyone with a valid Social Security Number (SSN) or Coinbase Account will be able to register in the raffle to win a unique piece of art from Zach Lieberman

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