Proof of Meditation

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Updated 588 days ago

Ethereum · Harmony
Updated 588 days ago
Ethereum · Harmony


App to incentivize people to take more care of their health and emotional wellbeing through meditation. Can be used as DAO Tool.


We believe that working on yourself is valuable work and should be rewarded. We believe that meditation clears your mind and enables you to make better decisions in your DAO.

Get data through IoT (eHealth Device FitBit). Use this data (brought onto the blockchain using Chainlink oracle) to create unique NFTs for the user every day they meditate. Also a dynamic NFT to show the progress/level of the user. Can be used as DAO Tooling, as users need to interact with each other to proof that they did the work. People with higher levels can onboard new people.

Team Information

GigaHierz: Full Stack Developer Yip: Meditation Expert, Product Management Rose: Technical Writer and creative Mind