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Kingdom Quest
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Kingdom Quest is the first premier play-to-earn ecosystem with “4 game - 1 token”
  • Kingdom Quest is a casual game bundle launched in the emerging blockchain-based gaming space.

  • Kingdom Quest will utilize blockchain technology to deliver interactive gameplay where in-game characters, items, and currencies are NFTs and tokens.

  • In Kingdom Quest, under your command, a group of heroes will fight against forces from a dark dimension. Their ultimate purpose is to protect the peace of the Kingdom. They will travel through mazes, solve mysterious puzzles, go deeper into dungeons, defeat all encountered enemies and hunt valuable treasures. Brave heroes will also join expeditions to explore the world and hunt hidden treasures despite unforeseen dangers.

  • The thing that makes Kingdom Quest stand out from all others is the “4 game - 1 token” ecosystem, which means the Kingdom Quest token (KGC) will be able to be used for all of the games in its metaverse, as well as switch NFT items and characters among games to perform specialized tasks, is unprecedented.

4 game titles in Kingdom Quest Universe will be fully released by the developing roadmap from 2022 to Q1/2024, includes:

  • Kingdom Quest: The Beginning - a puzzle-based RPG title.
  • Kingdom Quest: Forgotten Waterworld - a farm game title.
  • Kingdom Quest: The Vast Claudia - an MMORPG title.
  • Kingdom Quest: Defense of The Adventurers - a Tower Defense title

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