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Updated 393 days ago
Polygon · IPFS · NFT
A no-code NFT creation tool and tokenized social engagement engine

For the hack we built a tokenized social engagement engine that connects to our on-chain NFT drawing tool to create a gamified user-generated NFT creation experience.

People can come to the Supercool on-chain drawing app and draw pixel art. They can either create pixel art from scratch or they can start off with templates. After drawing, people can mint their creation and share it on Twitter. The supercool engagement engine extracts Twitter engagement data like Retweets, Likes, and Comments and rewards drawings with the Supercool Social Token (SST) proportional to their engagement on Twitter. The Supercool Leaderboard pulls and displays this engagement data creating a gamified and fun NFT creation experience for users and shows you the most popular drawings. With the Supercool engagement engine, any NFT project can gamify social media engagement and strengthen their community in a fun way.

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