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Empower New Generation of Web3 Games.

MetaOasis is committed to building a top-ranking publishing platform of web3 games. Meanwhile, it aims to establish a healthy and sustainable gaming ecosystem by lowering the cost of developers via INTERSTELLAR, and its 1P DAO will connect players and developers more closely.

🎮- Robust ecosystem: Stable tokenomic model and playable Play-verse ecosystem. 🪐- Consensus mechanism: Unique consensus mechanism to reward players who truly co-build the community. 🦾- Technical support: Provide web3 technical support for developers to accelerate projects' deployment. 🚀- Data analysis: Provide unique game data analysis to assist developers to optimize their projects. 🛰- Eco-empowerment: Empower projects' NFT on ecosystem and stabilize fluctuating prices.

☮️ Web3 R&D Experience

  • App developer and operator with more than 50 million accumulated users.
  • Core marketing team with years of digging into the web3 industry including 🏭3 in-house studios.
  • The studio groups of web3 R&D with years of web2 game-making experience. 🕹Experienced Backers& Advisors
  • Senior consultant team of crypto field.
  • Over 30 VCs from crypto, web2 and web3.

⏳ Years of Web3 Marketing building

  • Over 100 partners from more than 30 countries and regions.
  • Over 10 blockchain games listed on MetaOasis ecosystem.
  • Over 100 KOLs in close cooperation.
  • Over 4,000 gamers participated in the public beta of Light Chaser.
  • Over 10,000 online participants in a single Twitter Space.
  • TOP4 Trend on OpenSea on launch day (Genesis PlayerOne PFP NFT).

🧬Four Core Units

  • Play-verse : Platform of MetaOasis publishing and incubation
  • Emergence : MetaOasis Metaverse
  • 1P DAO : The decentralized organization of 10,000 core players
  • INTERSTELLAR : Infrastructure integration for the whole ecosystem

●Linktr.ee https://linktr.ee/Metaoasis

●Official Website: https://www.metaoasis.cc/

●Twitter: https://twitter.com/Metaoasis_ @Metaoasis_

●Discord: https://discord.gg/metaoasis

●Telegram: https://t.me/metaoasis

●Medium: https://metaoasis.medium.com/

●Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Meta-oasis/

●YouTube https://www.youtube.com/@metaoasis4427

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