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Curtis Sword
  • Crypto / Web3
Updated 13 month ago
build a 3D arpg mobile gamefi project on bsc

Curtis Sword is a 3D arpg mobile gamefi project based on bsc, we have finished the game machine and econometric model in the game. The story background is on a virtual land called "Noah", and we have 4 heroes now. Our heroes have a same goal -- beat devil "Ottens" and save the land. We have had more than 100 maps in the game, every maps have their own BOSS and NFT equipments dropping. We'll build a metaverse of Noah and create more heroes and more stories, just be like WOW or LOL's universe, but all in BSC. Beside the good game story and playfulness, we have a good economy of players earning. CSC's maximum is 210,000,000, and we could output 120,000CSC/day. Every time it reaches a quarter, the production reduction mechanism will be triggered. GOL's maximum is 100,000,000,000. There are many token destruction mechanisms in the game. Players can use CSC tokens to buy or upgrade their NFT equipments and use GOL tokens to enter the maps to earn more CSC, GOL and NFT equipments. We'll use the weighted allocation algorithm to give users a slightly floating combat power value according to the bonus provided by the number of users, level and equipments, pets, mounts and passive skills. You can regard the combat power as the hash rate of mining.

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