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Block Ape Scissors
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To become the #1 Metaverse Gaming Ecosystem

Block Ape Scissors is building a Metaverse gaming Play to Earn ecosystem, called an ‘Earniverse’, that integrates NFTs as transferrable in-game assets for utilisation by characters, providing boosts and earning multipliers for platform token rewards.

The platform will feature an array of game types, models, and genres to cater to the diverse interests, availabilities, and backgrounds in gaming. Initially, the game offerings will be published within a low-poly environment to ensure system requirements are kept to a minimum, ensuring a high-level of device compatibility.

NFTs created by BAS include carefully crafted attributes that are smart contract targetable and leveraged in-game to augment earning capability or provide bonuses, functions, or requirements for exclusive opportunities. Many NFTs form part of sets, or provide specific eligibility into games, events, competitions, and reward structures, along with the integration of third-party NFTs for boosts to cater to an ever-expanding metaverse.

Through their efforts, players earn special tokens used for upgrading and augmenting NFTs to fuse together powerful characteristics, level up items and characters, or craft powerups for special applications. Characters, Items and Powerups can be bought and sold directly from the BAS marketplace to progress higher with individual strategies.

Certain NFTs such as a Gamester NFT enable the Champion model. An ownership lease agreement between an asset owner and a player looking to be hired for gameplay to earn split rewards. Champions are selected by Gamester owners to fight and adventure on their behalf while they plan their next moves.

The ecosystem will feature an enormous entry surface for inclusion into the Earniverse. Allowing players zero barrier for entry and providing endless possibilities for capitalisation across an ever changing meta. This system will enable anyone, at any spend level, to jump in and begin building their portfolio and executing strategies within the Earniverse.

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      Closed  · 2021/12/11 17:29 - 2022/01/23 14:00
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