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Copycat Finance
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Our goal is to bring Copycat to be the #1 social trading and social farming provider in DeFi across all protocols.

Copycat Finance is the #1 decentralized COPY TRADING and COPY FARMING on BSC where investors can meet the innovative social trading and farming revolution. They can connect with the multi-strategies pool of master traders and master farmers, or become the legendary masters of their own trading strategy to boost their income as double.

We believe that social trading is an important key to bridging both newbie and professional traders altogether. Everyone can also become a legendary trader or join other master traders to earn profit from their strategies. As being a master, you can set up your desired charging fees in $COPYCAT tokens based on your trading performance or your confidence. The idea behind copycat is we want to apply the wisdom of the crowd to increase stability and select the best trading strategy among great traders all over the world.

    • Binance Incubation Grant

      Closed  · 2021/12/11 17:29 - 2022/01/23 14:00
      • 0.43 BNB Community contribution
      • 106 Contributors
      • 199 Votes received