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QuidRaise Protocol
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Quidraise is a decentralised investment DAO with focus on blockchain projects with huge market potential for success. The vision of the quid protocol is to create a truly decentralised ecosystem devoid of the need to place trust in any entity during the fundraising procedures of blockchain companies or traditional companies looking to the blockchain ecosystem for funding. In line with the goals of our company for building a truly decentralised platform for Investors and Companies alike.

QuidRaise As A Decentralized Equity DAO QuidRaise utilizes the consensus mechanism via our Governance tokens in deciding what projects get listed on our STO platform Why an STO, we believe that investors in projects should get as much ownership of the projects they buy into. This includes token distributions, capital gains as well as dividends that would be paid out by the company.

Investors are issued a non-fungible token to represent their ownership in a project. We utilise the ERC-1155 token standard in representing an investor's shareholding in projects

Capital realized from an investment round is staked in a High yield aggregation protocol such as Xend Finance in order to accrue interest till when the funds would be needed by a project Unwithdrawn capital is reinvested into the yield aggregation protocol

Investors in projects determine how projects access their capital realized from funding rounds through a governance model that is managed by our smart contracts. We utilize a quadratic voting model in order to ensure that “Fund Allocation” proposals do not get hijacked by whale investors in projects.

Our smart contract ensures that projects can only access capital after a majority of their shareholders approve a “Fund Allocation” proposal Investors exercise their voting rights based on the number of shares in a project they own

Blockchain projects can protect their projects from massive token sell offs by enforcing a token lock period. This means that investors would not be able to directly access the project tokens but would be issued a certificate of ownership representing their holdings in that project. After the lockup period, they can decide to liquidate their shares and get direct access to their tokens in that project

    • Xend Finance DeFi Hackathon 2021

      Closed  · 2021/09/21 11:00 - 2021/12/21 05:00
      • 14771.55 XEND Community contribution
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