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Nifty-toolkit for cronos
  • NFT

Polygon · BSC · Ethereum

With the use of Nifty-toolkit, we're automating the NFT minting and IPFS resource management with minimum coding required. So far we've added support for Cronos and Polygon, and more EVM-compatible chains are going to be added. The goal is to make minting NFT easy, without having to worry about the complexity of cross-chain testing and deployment, as well as token payment.

To download our npm package: https://www.npmjs.com/package/nifty-toolkit · Wiki: https://nifty-3.gitbook.io/nifty-toolkit-npm/getting-started · Source code : https://github.com/team-magi/mintnft-javascript-npm · Introductory video : https://youtu.be/H6qAszyIjbQ · dApp Demo video : https://youtu.be/rJRKhcCJbdc · Typically way to develop a new NFT project:

  1. Create an API key to access IPFS or Arweave
  2. Create an API key for Ethereum, like Infura
  3. Fork a contract from OpenZepplin
  4. Normally developers need to choose 1 chain to develop and deploy
  5. Start building · In order to make the development process more seamless, we make this npm package to create a chain-agnostic and protocol agnostic environment, for developers. · Now developers can simply: ·
  6. Download the npm (link below).
  7. Import the package and input their APIs in Node.js code.
  8. The app automatically gets multi-chain and IPFS support. · Our toolkit aims to wrap every EVM-compatible chain. But as a start, we only support Polygon and Cronos.