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The First AI-powered Social NFT, Create to Earn.

Forart.ai provides the First AI-powered NFT SaaS for Social, which integrates NFT content and social attributes to provide a one-click experience for NFT creation, publishing and sharing. Forart provides a direct co-creation space for NFT artists and enthusiasts, so that artistic inspiration and market demand can be reached in the Forart space.

What is Forart.ai

Forart.ai encourages NFT artists to create various themed NFT art materials and accessories in Forart's CO-NFT Pools. Combiners who like the CO-NFTs can follow their favorite CO-NFT Pools and choose their favorite NFT subjects and accessories to combine. When the number of the pool's NFTs combined reaches the upper limit set by the artist, that is, the NFT of the Pool has completed the combination design, the platform will publish the NFT series on the social platform, and connect it to other NFT trading platforms.The creation and transaction information of NFT will be released in the social area of the platform. Users can like their favorite artists and combiners, and share the platform's FTA coin mining revenue.

The higher the activity of NFT artists and combiners, the higher the popularity of the NFT they co-created, and the higher the NFT mining APY they can enjoy. Fans who like it at the same time will get mining APY together.

Forart has realized an AI-driven NFT DIY social platform. We unite NFT artists, NFT enthusiasts and platform users, and use the SaaS services provided by the platform to create NFT artworks that everyone likes.


Website: https://forart.ai/
Dapp: https://app.forart.ai/
Telegram: https://t.me/forart_ai
Twitter: https://twitter.com/forart_ai
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/RDaUkaW39S