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A decentralized organization to support hackathons on meaningful technical problems and innovations.

HackathonDAO试图通过DAO的形式,来支持有意义的、真正解决问题和创新的hackathon,并且进一步推动开源运动和开源创新。在Hackathon DAO我们希望:

  • 开发者可以自己提出并决定什么是最重要和最急需解决的问题
  • 开发者可以自由方便地就技术问题进行交流
  • 有价值的技术贡献会得到金钱上和运营上的支持
  • 季度grant为有价值的hackathon提供资助.
  • 和全球hackathon组织者共同维护一个开源的hackathon指南,分享hackathon组织经验和工具,尽量包含所有与hackathon相关的信息更新和讨论
  • 组织一个线上社区,对项目和急需解决的技术问题进行讨论,并进行一些技术推广和教育活动
    HackathonDAO 目前由 DoraHacks 支持

Hackathon has undoubtedly proven its capability of boosting innovation and cooperation. We see a lot of brilliant ideas and prototypes being developed yet later grow into valuable products, companies and/or technologies. Also, we see how the creative and passionate participants with solid technical skills took the opportunities to demonstrate their capabilities and projects, exchange ideas, make friends and find partners.
HackathonDAO is a decentralized organization to support hackathons on meaningful technical problems and innovations. Through funding Hackathons, we want to gather a group of enthusiastic hackers with great technical skills and vision and further boost the open-source community and innovations, where

  • Hackers themselves can propose and decide what are the real problems to solve.
  • Hackers can connect with and inspire each other.
  • Valuable contributions will be supported financially and operationally.
    To financially and operationally support and liberate global hackers and hackathon organizers (especially open-source repo maintainers) and focus on truly valuable technical problems and improvements, we
  • Hold seasonal grants to fund meaningful hackathons.
  • Maintain a hackathon playbook to share (almost) everything about hackathons.
  • Organize an online community of top hackers and hackathon organizers to actively discuss the (most) valuable tech problems and innovations.

    HackathonDAO is supported by DoraHacks.