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Creative Commons NFT Playground
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给Creative Commons许可协议的文章(以NFT的形式)进行捐款,促进更开放的互联网和世界

A place to help authers get token donations by publishing their Creative Commons licensed articles as nontransferrable NFTs. 一个给Creative Commons许可协议的文章以不可转卖的NFT的形式进行捐款的地方。

  • ? Every NFT here is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. ?

  • ? Buying NFT is used for donating tokens to the NFT minter(maybe the author). You can't sell it to others.

  • ? Please don't mint anything which is not belong to you. Because we have a DAO to help check the cheating.

  • ? 这里的所有NFT作品采用知识共享署名-相同方式共享 4.0 国际许可协议进行许可。 ?

  • ? 购买NFT仅仅意味着你向NFT铸造者(可能是作品作者)捐款。你不能将该NFT卖给其他人。

  • ? 请不要将任何不属于你的作品铸造为NFT。因为我们会有DAO组织来协助识别作弊者。

If you have any question, you can join: https://discord.gg/QaEwmJMDJ2

双语简介: CCNP - Creative Commons NFT Playground A new playground for anyone to create, discover, share, reward and distribute articles. All articles here are under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. We help turn articles into NFTs. People can buy their loved NFTs for donation purpose.

Also, we are building a Creator-DAO to assist creators, which we think is the best solution for people to exchange ideas&information more simply and fairly. We aim to help create next-generation content communities with pure open-source, open-data, open-protocols and web3 technology.

一个帮助任何人创建、发现、分享、赞赏、分发文章的游乐场。 这里的所有文章都会采用知识共享4.0国际许可协议。 我们帮助作者将文章变为NFT。而且大家购买NFT只是为了给作者捐赠。 另外,我们也在构建一个创作者DAO来帮助创作者,人们可以在这里更简单公平地交换想法和信息。 我们致力于帮助创建更好的下一代内容社区。我们采用开源、数据和协议开放以及web3技术来实现这一目标。