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CRUZO - NFT Greetings Marketplace
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Cruzo is the first NFT greeting card and crypto gifts platform where creators, users (seekers), collectors, and businesses can meet and interact (mint, sell, buy and gift) with NFT digital greeting cards and crypto gifts.

Enjoy Cruzo Pitch Deck

What are we doing

Cruzo is the first NFT greeting cards and crypto gifts platform Our mission is to advance the mass adaptation of NFTs through a revolutionary greeting cards and gifts marketplace

Less competition, more profit Cruzo combines the benefits of owning a niche platform in the NFT space for creators while serving a billion-dollar market requiring millions of on-chain transactions.

New hype on greetings Cruzo’s greeting stories combined traditional greeting cards with viral video format to create a new market with the potential for secondary sales and crypto gift giving.

Creators DAO We are developing a community-driven Web3 DAO platform based on ESG principles. Creators will shape the future of Cruzo and even choose Charitable Programs to support.

Ecology Cruzo will move billions of greeting cards and envelopes to the digital world, reducing the deforestation required to support the paper giants currently running the greeting card industry.

Why Greeting Cards?

  • There are no NFT Greeting Cards or greeting card marketplaces.
  • Web2 marketplace popularity proves the existing demand for digital greetings.
  • Over 20 Billion Dollars are spent on greeting cards each year.
  • Suitable for everyone, of any gender and age.
  • Greetings cards are a fun and easily scalable product

Our users

Users/Seekers - Looking for high-quality hype content based on interests

Creators - Looking for an opportunity to sell their artworks daily

Collectors - Looking for long term investment in exclusive content

Resellers - Looking for business opportunities buy/sell

Business - Looks for opportunities how to increase sales


Ownership Existing digital greetings have little monetary value in the Web2 world. There is no absolute ownership of content.

Utility Users have little use for greetings after receiving them. They may not have recipient information readily available to send greetings.

Content Existing greeting card content is not popular with younger audiences that increasingly live their lives on devices.

**Onboarding ** Typical greetings consumers do not all own crypto currencies, NFTs, or wallets to use them.

Time There is limited time and no convenient way to search for new greetings or to sort through personal collections of old greetings.

CRUZO as solution

Our DApp will provide an opportunity to send/share NFT greetings anywhere: Instagram stories, Tik-Tok, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. As well as time-saving on search and selection proper greeting. People will love it!

  • Secondary Market / Collectable
  • Greeting stories (new hype format)
  • Smart-event manager
  • Generative NFT invites
  • Sharprice (Fair NFT price)
  • Crypto Gifts
  • XURY token
  • XURY Wallet

We redesign greetings

Format: 2D or 3D animated video Compatibility: TikTok, Reels, Stories, Instant Messengers Duration: up to 1 min (15-30-45-60 sec) Type: Storytelling Categories: Events, Motivation, Humor, and others.


Multi-chain Cruzo is a cross-blockchain platform supporting Cronos, Avalanche, Ethereum, Polygon, and others

Gas-free No gas fees for Creators and Buyers on selected blockchain

Low commission We are a low commission peer-to-peer marketplace, Creators keep 97% of every sale.

Royalties Automatic payouts to the Creators made on secondary sales

Creators DAO

Control All core decisions are controlled, approved, developed, and managed by the community

Grants Creators DAO is designed to manage existing shared assets and work towards a common goal

Alliance United broad coalitions to work on common issues, such as environmentalism and legal protection

Charity Creators DAO votes for donation program contributions for distributing funds transparently and securely

Business model

Commission marketplace 3%

Growth drivers

  • Users' referral
  • Direct traffic
  • Viral Channels
  • SEO
  • Participation in events and hackathons
  • Collaboration with
  • Mass-media
  • Creators Community
  • Collaborations with business
  • Own charity events and auctions
  • E-learning
  • Collaborations with designs websites
  • Collaboration with celebrities and influencers

Growth plan & milestones

2022 - Starting with the basics

Users: 50-100k Revenue: $300-500k


  • Web DApp
  • XURY Token
  • Community
  • Crypto Gift
  • IDO

2023 - Market innovations

Users: 500k-1m Revenue: $3-5m


  • Mobile DApp
  • Generative NFTs
  • Wallet
  • DAO

2024 - Becoming market leader

Users: 10-20m Revenue: $100-150m


  • B2B Accounts
  • Launchpad
  • Smart-event planer
  • META connect

2025 - Global web3 platform

Users: 30-50m Revenue: $200-300m

Milestones: All countries All languages

2026 Cruzo succeeds as unicorn Blockchain startup and pushes the market to full web3 future

Cruzo team hello@cruzo.io