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Dashboard showing useful information related to validators in one single view for quick and easy sort and comparision

Currently there is no easy way to see list of validators on CRONOS. Defier dashboard will show list of validators with useful information in a table that is easily sortable so we can compare. The dashboard will also contain useful information for the blockchain such as block times and other useful statistics. It will also monitor and show any validators that are currently down and show how many blocks missed. This will be the first phase and will expand to include other useful features such as being able to analyze each blocks when anomalies occur such as long block times or several missed validators and see the block proposer. Other features will be added based on community feedback.

Cronos Mainnet https://defier.net/cronos/validators

Cronos Testnet https://defier.net/cronostest/validators

Validators dashboard

  • Filter by active, inactive, and jailed validators
  • Star your favorite validators to pin them to the top of the list
  • Live stats updated every block as a new block is created. This is event driven instead of polling.

Blocks Report

  • Uses a high performance grid and able to handle millions of rows without pagination.
  • Quickly sort, filter, find anomalies, and data mine
  • Export report to CSV
  • Group by proposer to see aggregated results per proposer