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ArtisLife Network
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Problem 1: Some of the best artists in the world have little to no technical experience with cryptocurrency and/or blockchain applications. Solution 1: ArtisLife Network brings the NFT industry to artists of all levels of technical experience. By only having limited featured artists, the ArtisLife team takes care of all technical factors involved in tokenizing the artwork and distributing it. Problem 2: Collecting NFTs can become very expensive and the inefficiency in price discovery can lead to overpaying for assets. Solution 2: ArtisLife Network allows collecting of NFTs using innovative DeFi methods such as Farming, Lottery and Airdrops.

ArtisLife Network is a cross-chain NFT Distribution Network that is powered by the ARTIS token. The network distributes newly minted NFTs through various DeFi methods. At launch there will be three main distribution methods: NFT Farming, NFT Airdrops and NFT Lottery. All distribution methods on the network will utilize the ARTIS token in some form.

Pitch Deck can be accessed at: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/13aGm31zAxPiNXMwRD456kdQExGzmvQb1-IeTGUZJdhQ/edit?usp=sharing