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PolyHeist is encouraging long term investments by keeping making it fun and thrilling.

PolyHeist is bringing long term gamified investments to the Polygon Network. Our first game released is conveniently named Heist which uses the native currency of the Polygon Network - $Matic. In Heist the the main goal is to be the last person to deposit into the pot. Each time a user deposits, a timer of 20 hours begins to countdown until another deposit is made to reset it. However, if that timer gets to zero, the last user to make the deposit wins the grand prize. Until then, every user in the pot shares a percentage of each deposit made between them. This encourages users to build up a decent sized balance in the pot to gain better rewards in the long term. We are also incorporating Chainlink VRF to giveaway prizes to randomly generated users as well as using the same method to giveaway 20% of the final winnings split between 5 users. To qualify for the 20% split, users need to have a minimum staked balance of 10 Matic, which encourages more people to essentially lock up their Matic for as long as the pot goes on.