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Symphony Finance
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We want to create profit maximising trading strategy for investors which is fully automated and reliable. The solution is more capital efficient and reliable than limit orders as the assets generate yield and automatically fill against the aggregated liquidity across all of the defi.

DeFi has some awesome protocols to generate yield if you’re long on your crypto asset. Most yield generators automatically manage funds and maximize the yield. While yield generating protocols make it convenient and cheap for DeFi users to maximize Yield, they don’t maximize the total returns.

At symphony finance, we've implemented interest-generating limit orders. The deposited sell (input) asset, generates interest till the time order remains unfilled. With this protocol, we are trying to solve the problem of profit maximization. It's composable with the most interest-generating protocols like Aave, Mstable, Compound, etc. Orders are automatically filled with DEXes like Quickswap, Balancer, Sushiswap, etc. One can also fill the order with his own liquidity.

The order creator can also set a stop loss to minimize losses while still earning the yield. It allows users to cancel or update orders anytime. It's a fully non-custodial and decentralized solution.

    • Polygon-Grants Hackathon Round-1

      Closed  · 2021/08/30 12:00 - 2021/11/19 13:30
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