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Resolve people's disputes in the Cyber-World

In many regions of the world, maintaining your legal rights through the courts often means that you have to bear high legal costs, complex court procedures, unfair judgments by judges who may accept bribes, and the risk that you will still be unable to enforce the judgments. But CyberCourt can solve these problems. CyberCourt is a decentralized, process transparent dispute handling system that empowers and restricts the rights of all parties in the form of code. The system has three roles, contract participants, the judge teams, and the platform. The contract participants is the main body of the system. The contract participants can sign a project contract with others through the CyberCourt system, pledge the tokens in the smart contract, and select a trusted judge team. After the project is completed, either one of the contract participants can initiate a token distribution proposal. When the contract participants agree upon it , The smart contract will automatically pay the corresponding tokens to the participants according to the content of the proposal. When the contract participants cannot resolve the dispute and needs judge, the judge team will randomly select the specified number of judges, and these judges will decide the token distribution plan of the case. When all judges vote and pass the proposal within timeout time, the tokens will be transferred to the corresponding contract participants, and some of token will enter the judge team in proportion to the referee's fee. The basic idea behind the establishment of the CyberCourt system is to solidify all processes through code, form clear and transparent processing rules, and grant and restrict the rights of all roles. And through the market selection mechanism of the contract participants to the judge team, after a preiod of time, it is positively motivating the judge team and promoting the judge team to provide more transparent, excellent, professional and fair referees. Now, the CyberCourt world is entrusted to you, and you can start your journey in the cyber world. In the future, what the cyber world will be like depends largely on you. In a sense, you are the founding father of this new continent. Tips:CyberCourt is deployed in the test network named mumbai now.It will launch soon.

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