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Connect and Empower Global Quantum Developers

Quantum revolution is happening!

The disruption caused by quantum computers will affect all industries and functional areas in unexpected and unprecedented ways. Because Quantum computers can easily check all possible keys at the same time, classical cryptography will be vulnerable. Are you ready?

EntangledQuery is a global technical knowledge sharing platform for quantum developers. We devote to empower quantum developers with quantum community knowledge and make quantum computing more accessible. We speak quantum. We provide quantum native tools to enable smooth communication of complex quantum ideas. Together as a quantum community, we are changing the world!

EntangledQuery is also a decentralized community for quantum developers. By adopting the DAO structure, we incentivize content contributors through governance tokens and giving them a say in the future of this community.

When talking about the technical knowledge sharing Q&A forum, the traditional forum uses a platform to connect the questioner and the contributors, and by disclosing the knowledge contributed by users, it helps the entire society to accumulate knowledge. However, the incentive mechanism maintains an unbalanced relationship: users have contributed all the knowledge content of the platform, and the community has contributed to the growth and management of the platform, but they cannot obtain incentives that match their contributions. In the long run, the growth of the community comes from the passive network effect, but it is difficult to stimulate the real vitality of the Q&A community.

The unbalanced incentive mechanism limits the possibility of the community to continuously mine human capital, and this limitation is more obvious in the emerging technology community. In the newly emerging quantum computing community, there are not many people with a senior background in quantum computing. They spend a lot of efforts helping new members of the community or contributing content to the community. These contributions are vital to the development of quantum computing, but the value they create has no suitable channels to translate into community recognition and incentives.

The unbalanced incentive mechanism also affects the user experience. In the business model where advertising is the mainstay, the content of the technical community inevitably moves in the direction of attracting traffic, which obscures the most important value of solving problems for the community.

Now, we believe that through decentralized community governance, we can find a suitable way to balance the incentives of the quantum computing Q&A community, so that the platform can reach more quantum computing community members, knowledge contributors and their supporters, and ultimately accelerate the quantum transformation of the world‘s technology.



EntangledQuery 是一个面向量子开发者的全球技术知识共享平台。我们致力于为量子开发者赋能量子社区知识,让量子计算更易于访问。我们说量子语言。我们提供量子原生工具,以实现复杂量子思想的顺畅交流。作为一个量子社区,我们正在一起改变世界!

EntangledQuery 也是一个面向量子开发者的去中心化社区。通过采用 DAO 结构,我们通过治理代币激励内容贡献者,并让他们对这个社区的未来拥有发言权。