Best MAP Ominichain Service Collaboration :

· KashSpace

KashSpace is a platform that aims to break the barriers between different blockchains and enable free flow of assets through cross-chain storage and borrowing.

Best Omnichain Payment and tools Collaboration:

· Daren Market

The world's first on chain market for Web3 community and business

Best GameFi or Plugin :

· X-winner

X WINNER is a decentralized gaming platform for global players Your Games, Your Rules, Your Profits ERC 3525 Protocol | Fibonacci | SELF-SPLITTING

Best NFT or Metaverse projects:

· Neon rabbits

Best Use of Web3 :

· Generation Foundation

· Soulsaver


· BlockGenie

Blockchain version of SHOPIFY where users can develop their Web3 services in just 2 minutes

· Muverse

· Worldland

· Konnect


· DMGdata

DMGDATA is DID based credit assessment & loan assistance middleware service built by a team of engineers & data scientists who have tons of experience in big data / AI / Fin-Tech.

· Gameland

Gameland is a community-driven gaming social infrastructure, connecting developers with players and content creators.

· Beez Finance

· Playcraft

· Themis

AWS Prize:

· Butter

· KashSpace

Leading OmniChain Lending Solutions, Unlocking Greater Value for You!

· Playcraft