Hacker Dōjō

Hacker Dōjo is an open source community for Frontier Web3 knowledge contributors and learners built by hackers.

Hacker Dōjo regularly organizes knowledge-sharing sessions via livestream/twitter space/blogposts, the topics including interpretation of latest papers regarding crypto technologies, workshops, seminars with crypto tech leaders and so on. Hacker Dojo sharing topics mainly cover the consensus algorithm and architecture of L1 and L2, and related content of GitHub repo, including but not limited to the following topics: - Scroll / Polygon zkEVM - Eigen's hybrid proof system - Starkware - azTec - Optimism - Zecrey - Aptos - Move - Cryptography (zero-knowledge proof, public key encryption, hash function, lattice cipher) • Distributed systems - Ethereum protocol stack - Quantum computing and quantum information - Satellite communication system and spacecraft system design By joining Dōjo, hackers can suggest topics they expect to learn, or propose their expertise and knowledge base as speakers to let Dōjo team organize sessions. Meanwhile, the Hacker Dōjo Web3 Research Program offer subjects regularly for hackers to study and share their insights. Contributors will be rewarded with bountiful prizes.