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Created by @DAOctor-1
Created on 2023/06/07
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MichaelH · 2023/09/12

#Puzzle Project 🧩 #732

hello I come with an innovative idea how crypto and nft projects should be successful in globalization and in popularity. To do this, what is virtual must connect with reality and vice versa what is real must connect virtually. you can invest a lot of money in a Blockchain, but if it doesn't connect with reality, after a while people lose interest. many people don't know what nft is and what crypto is in general. to make a project successful, it must interact with reality as much as possible. for example the project can interact with a company that produces french fries where they can do a promotion where you can win a nft code where you can download it from a specific site. this is just one example of doing something popular among people who don't know what nft or projects are. I hope someone liked the idea and I look forward to answering questions.#NewIdeaTesting #riches #ideathon-dmeida #ideathon-ShareIdea
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hacker994a12d · 2023/08/19
DAOctor-1 · 2023/06/07

why we need truly dmedia? #430

#ideathon-dmeida The advance of tech has created a fifth estate. People who control tech control the most scarce resource of our time and a very long time to come. In the realm of media and journalism, consolidation of news corporations and social media created the danger of an authoritarian future, especially when major media and social media platforms share a common view. Although the shift of Twitter’s control changed the dynamics, one fact remains true: the fourth estate is controlled by a small group of people, and there is a centralization risk of it which could potentially cause catastrophic results to the entire human society
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