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Created by @SpaceRadar
Created on 2023/08/07
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3 ideas
ericfjl · 2023/08/11

IntelliHealth: A Comprehensive AI Health Assistant based on Huangdi Neijing #629

#ChatGPT #ChineseMedicine #NFT #ideathon-RWA In ancient times, there were dialogues between the Yellow Emperor and Qibo, which gave rise to the renowned "Huangdi Neijing" — the origin of traditional Chinese medicine. Today, conversations between online traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and ChatGPT have led to our project: "IntelliHealth" — the rapid advancement of traditional Chinese medicine. Key features of this project: Integrating ChatGPT's intelligent conversations to ease the daily workload of experienced traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, enhancing the medical proficiency of general practitioners, and assisting the public in daily health maintenance. Combining the expertise of experienced traditional Chinese medicine practitioners to ensure the precision and accuracy of intelligent TCM treatment recommendations, leading to effective and tailored remedies. Incorporating blockchain's Real-World Assets (RWA) to alleviate capable traditional Chinese medicine practitioners from concerns about job security.
CC0 (Public Domain)
Blue Collar Crypto · 2023/08/09

Nft like hallmark cards #622

#NFT #nftusecase idea is kind of bigger one that is going to require a team. I am going to try and explain this as best as I can. The main idea is to create a "Hallmark" experience in a Nft form. This can bring mass adoption to the nft space allowing new user the first time experience nft for free. Let me explain what this would look like. Users one login to website where they are able to use free templates, pay for premium themes, or design their own. The types of cards are limitless. I love you cards, birthday cards, Christmas cards, thinking of you cards. Once the user creates the card they send it to their loved one for free. No network fee, no transaction fee. Let me explain. One thing we can do is nickel and dime the user. How will this get paid is simple. You create a pool that automatically pays the gas fee. This fund is created and filled by the returns made from ads, the fee the website takes off of the premium designs being sold. An artist can design premium cards and sell them. The artist will keep 90 percent of funds with 5 percent going into the pool to fund transactions and 5 percent going to fund the site for future upgrades and network upkeep. Remember this just an example. What this will do will give new user their first experience with NFT without costing them anything. I am leaving my website This is key to growth here https://www.bluecollarcrypto.io/ I would love to see this idea grow and be apart of it
CC0 (Public Domain)
SpaceRadar · 2023/08/03

Selling Moon Regolith NFTs #605

Would you like to hold a NFT of #Moon soil? SpaceRadar aims to buy the ownership of regolith from Ispace future missions and create their respective #NFT . These NFTs will be available in the NFT market and the buyers of NFTs would hold the title of owners of 1g of regolith.
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