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Created by @hacker3642
Created on 2023/06/29
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phamdat721101 · 2023/09/19

Digitrust - Decentralized asset management service #755

Digitrust is a decentralized asset management service connecting investors to funding managers. On Digitrust you can bet on traders and asset managers without needing to trust them. Let them allocate funds for you in a secure and non-custodial way. No lockups, withdraw any time! For funding managers, Digitrust is a way to make money by allocating funding on behalf of others. Build a public track record and use that to attract more capital, earning more fees. Anyone can become a funding manager - it’s permissionless Our Feature: - Asset Protocol: Our main product is trying to publish asset management service as the tokenized identity in the whole eco system - ETF token: Investors will get ETF share as the token standard in the blockchain protocol after investing to management services from funding managers. In order to maximize profit return, ETF token can be used to stake in the liquidity pool #defi #ideathon-RWA #Data-Availability
CC0 (Public Domain)
ericfjl · 2023/08/11

IntelliHealth: A Comprehensive AI Health Assistant based on Huangdi Neijing #629

#ChatGPT #ChineseMedicine #NFT #ideathon-RWA In ancient times, there were dialogues between the Yellow Emperor and Qibo, which gave rise to the renowned "Huangdi Neijing" — the origin of traditional Chinese medicine. Today, conversations between online traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and ChatGPT have led to our project: "IntelliHealth" — the rapid advancement of traditional Chinese medicine. Key features of this project: Integrating ChatGPT's intelligent conversations to ease the daily workload of experienced traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, enhancing the medical proficiency of general practitioners, and assisting the public in daily health maintenance. Combining the expertise of experienced traditional Chinese medicine practitioners to ensure the precision and accuracy of intelligent TCM treatment recommendations, leading to effective and tailored remedies. Incorporating blockchain's Real-World Assets (RWA) to alleviate capable traditional Chinese medicine practitioners from concerns about job security.
CC0 (Public Domain)
hacker3642 · 2023/06/29

Starting an ideathon for RWA #514

Just read the news about Robert Leshner's new company Superstate. It is working on tokenizing US government bond fund. And I also saw a good idea #idea-318 from @averageL about RWA. Thought RWA is worth its own ideathon, so here we go #ideathon-RWA Quote from #idea-318 : Web3 is too far away from massive adoption. An industry that dominate by players and whales is too boring How to onboard next billion useres? RWA, or Real-World-Assets might be a good option. ERC-3525(https://eips.ethereum.org/EIPS/eip-3525) is an interesting idea on EVM chains. What about implementations on other high-performance chains like Aptos, Solana or SEI? Or even a RWA specific chain on L0 infra like Cosmos? Other than real estate, what are some interesting asset categories that can be brought onchain? - Insurance - ABS/MBS - Structured finance product - Supply-chain Finance - International Payment Transfer And how will bringing these assets on-chain help stakeholders? - Transparency - Better risk-management - Faster and cheaper Will be cool to see a RWA Hackathon in the future!
CC0 (Public Domain)