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Created by @Eric
Created on 2023/05/29
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3 ideas
Eric · 2023/06/16

DI QRNG faucet #473

#ideathon-di_qrng_applications Create a faucet for everyone to request di-qrng generated random bits for everyone to experiment with.
CC0 (Public Domain)
hacker3642 · 2023/05/30

QRNG for art #341

#ideathon-di_qrng_applications I think random number generator has been widely used in AIGC, like AI abstract painting etc. What if we use quantum random number generator instead of traditional one? we might be able to create even more unique or bizarre patterns and styles which might blow our minds. Same thing can happen to music as well. kinda curious about how those images or music would be like!
CC0 (Public Domain)
Eric · 2023/05/29

DI-QRNG Applications #328

Starting an #ideathon-di_qrng_applications to generate ideas about DI-QRNG applications using Dora Factory's quantum experiment. https://github.com/dorahacksglobal/quantum-randomness-generator We will launch a faucet for anyone who's interested in DI-QRNG applications to fetch some random numbers from a queue and experiment with them.
CC0 (Public Domain)