Hackathon Admin · 2023/05/22

Some Tips for Hackers

- To avoid missing the deadline, you can submit a rough outline of your BUIDL information first and then gradually add more details before the deadline. The initial submission only takes 3 minutes.
- There might be specific requirements for specific hackathon, such as filling out forms or submitting certain information, etc. Make sure to familiarize yourself with these requirements. *For more information about requirements for participating in the Polygon [APAC] DevX Hackathon, please see the “Terms and Conditions” tab.
- Everyone is welcome to share ideas and leave comments on the idea board. Simply click on "Register as a Hacker" at the top first to start the idea sharing journey. Feel free to share your ideas, team formation needs, or any questions you may have about the hackathon.

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Oleanji · 2023/05/15

Axia Ecosystem

Axia Ecosystem is a decentralized application (dApp) designed to foster knowledge sharing, engagement, and gamified interactions within a vibrant community. The platform offers a range of features, including article writing, quizzes, staking, gaming, NFTs, and a decentralized exchange (DEX) to provide users with rewarding and immersive experiences. By combining educational content creation, interactive quizzes, token staking, gaming opportunities, and a decentralized marketplace, Axia Ecosystem aims to revolutionize the way people learn, engage, and earn in a decentralized environment.
In short Axia ecosystem helps creator, devs and artist get closer with their audiences by receiving more engagement on their work and earning in the process, users are brought in through incentives.
In articles, quiz are made out of the articles and then a reward is given to the users based on the score they got in their quiz.....this also goes for games , art and musics 
A demo link

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Yang · 2023/05/10


Learn-to-earn platform with an AI

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lyuhuiyang · 2023/05/10

Connect python with web3


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