aliVendetta · 2023/05/24

Decentralized Identity Verification and Reputation System

Problem: In decentralized systems, trust and identity verification are crucial. Users need a reliable way to verify the identity and reputation of other participants before engaging in transactions or collaborations.
Solution: Develop a decentralized identity verification and reputation system that leverages blockchain technology and smart contracts to establish trust and enhance security in Web 3.0 environments.
Trust and Security: By establishing a decentralized identity verification and reputation system, users can confidently interact with others in Web 3.0 environments, mitigating the risks associated with anonymous or pseudonymous interactions.
Reduced Redundancy: Users only need to verify their identity once and can reuse it across multiple platforms, reducing the need for repetitive verification processes and saving time.
User Empowerment: Self-sovereign identities empower users to control their personal data and selectively share it with trusted parties, ensuring privacy and preventing data abuse.
Fraud Prevention: The reputation system helps identify and deter malicious actors by providing a transparent record of past behavior and interactions.
Cross-Platform Collaboration: The interoperability of the system enables collaboration and data sharing across various decentralized applications, fostering innovation and cooperation within the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

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Hackathon Admin · 2023/05/22

Some Tips for Hackers

- To avoid missing the deadline, you can submit a rough outline of your BUIDL information first and then gradually add more details before the deadline. The initial submission only takes 3 minutes.
- There might be specific requirements for specific hackathon, such as filling out forms or submitting certain information, etc. Make sure to familiarize yourself with these requirements. *For more information about requirements for participating in the Omnichain Hackathon, please see the “Detail” tab.
- Everyone is welcome to share ideas and leave comments on the idea board. Simply click on "Register as a Hacker" at the top first to start the idea sharing journey. Feel free to share your ideas, team formation needs, or any questions you may have about the hackathon.

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