TON is for Mass Adoption

Reach the First Billion of users with TON Sites and Telegram’s 800M+ user-base.

  • Discover next-generation WebApps in Telegram (ex. @durgerkingbot)
  • Feel the power of dApp built with mass adoption UX/UI in mind (ex. @wallet)
  • Build engaging gaming experience on the TON blockchain rail (ex. @gamebot)

TON is for Talent

Talented people will build on TON. We recommend participants start from here:

The most relevant places to start in the documentation:

Where can you ask questions & collaborate?

Hack-a-TONx DoraHacks Chat Group: @hackatonx For general inquiries, brainstorming, and interacting with current/past hackathon teams.

Developer Chat: @tondev_eng For short-form developer questions

TON Overflow (Q&A): For long-form developer questions whereby a moderator will repurpose the question as deemed fit like Stack Overflow (we will also ensure there is 2-day turnaround for answers from our developer onboarding specialists)

TON dApp Working Group Chat: @tondappswg For brainstorming apps which can run inside the Telegram client

Telegram Web App:

Introduction and tutorials for FunC are available here:

Examples of standard smart contracts can be found here.

For syntax highlighting, you can use IDE plugins.

For more examples and SDK please visit TON Documentation.

Additional and detailed information is available in the whitepapers