Foresight X, the accelerator arm of $400m fund Foresight Ventures, now launches its "OpenBuild" hack series and will host the first in-person hacker house in Hong Kong, China from April 10 to April 14, 2023.

The OpenBuild HK hacker house is workshop style where we will bring the most influential guest speakers to provide mind-shaping content , and also providing ground work mentorship and workshops to actually help hackers debugs and build better.

Also, Foresight X accelerator provides support beyond this hacker house. Apart from getting $15k prizes, projects may receive potential follow-up investment and acceleration once joining Foresight X accelerator upcoming cohorts.

About Foresight X

ForesightX accelerator focuses on building a global Web3 developer community and supporting the best Web3 founders via diversified funding and dedicated acceleration services. Proudly present the first Foresight X Accelerator cohort: Foresight X Accelerator Boarding Pass

Who can apply

We welcome all Web3 buidlers to register and meet with with us. Regardless what stage you are, we have prizes for you. Eventually we would select 100 - 120 hackers to the in-person event.

We have categorized hackers into 2 types - the first one being advanced hackers that likely to attend with existing teams and projects, and the other type being beginning hackers that like to form teams on site and need mentorship and support during the event.

Accordingly, wee have placed two types of demo day and three categories of prizes accommodating both types of participants.

Register today to secure a spot early with us here.

Key Dates

  1. Sign up: March 21 to April 10

Please register the OpenBuild HK hacker house via this form, and provide your background information.

We will no longer accept requests for reimbursement after April 3rd, but you can still continue to register and participate.

  1. Selection: March 21 to April 5

Foresight X will be reviewing applications and confirm registry with OpenBuild HK Hacker House on a rolling basis from March 21 to April 5. The event can accept 100 - 120 hackers on-site so selections will be made. We encourage you to apply early since the confirmation of spot is first come and first served.

  1. Submission period : Registration confirmed date to April 14

Once hackers receive confirmation by the host Foresight X to attend the in-person hacker house in Hong Kong, they can submit their project through DoraHacks "Submit Buidls", and their workshop delivery to us. Detailed workshop delivery submission rules will be updated. Hackers can submit their projects anytime before April 14, 2023 12:30 PM China Standard Time.

  1. Demo Day: April 10 to April 14

We host demo day session on each day during the event. For demo day details please see "How to Partcipate - Demoday" section.

  1. Judging: April 10 to April 14

Judges judge on-site at demo day session.

  1. Results: TBD

The time it takes to reconcile judging scores will depend on the number of projects participated demoday and the number of judges. Will update on this site when we have estimates. Potentially we'll announce the results in May, 2023.

How to Participate

The hacker house is consisted of panel/talks, workshops and demo day.

1. Panel/Talks

The content (panels/talks, workshops) is arranged by specific themes for each hacking day. Hackers can get the agenda beforehand and plan their schedules based on their own preferences and needs.

Intended schedule, guests continuously updating: 议程 (2).png Continuously updating

3. Demo Day

We set up demo day session at end of each hacking day.

In the first 4 days, we invite teams that bring existing projects/advanced hackers to go on stage.

Whereas on the last day, we invite new teams formed and new projects built during the hacker house/beginner hackers to present.

Teams demo day scheduling will be made close to and during the event and communicated through emails.

The number of projects attend demo day depends on the submission quality.


For this hacker house event, we encourage both two types of hackers to attend :

  • Hackers with existing projects/those who are more advanced in Web3 coding
  • Beginner hackers/who do not come with existing projects and want to hack from scratch

The host will evaluate the demo day performance, as well as the attendance and delivery of workshops for prize distribution. The panel/talks are content to provide inspirations, collaboration and network that boost the building and presentation, so no assessment will be conducted for talks and panels.

Therefore, the prize is placed as follows:

Category 1: Prizes for quality projects and demos

  • 1st place: $4k USD, excellent demo + at least 1 workshop delivery
  • 2nd place:$3k USD, great demo + at least 1 workshop delivery
  • 3rd place: $2k USD, good demo + at least 1 workshop delivery

Category 2: Prizes for beginner projects and demos

  • 1st place: $2k USD, solid demo + at least 1 workshop delivery
  • 1st place: $1k USD, qualified demo + at least 1 workshop delivery

Category 3: Prizes for learners

  • $500 USD * 6 : we give hackers $500 USD prize with both the best quality and greatest number of workshop deliveries. Measurement will be made by workshop hosts and Foresight X based on workshop submissions.

Additionally, winning projects will likely receive:

  • Potential investment from Foresight X at round $200k for each project
  • Weeks bootcamp and acceleration
  • Partner perks such as AWS/Azure/GCP Credits.

The Category 1 and Category 2 prizes will be issued to teams, while Category 3 prizes are only given out to individuals. For the Category 1 and Category 2 prizes, it is expected that team members attending the hacker house submit at least one workshop delivery as required by the workshop host.

One team can only have maximum 3 members submitting the same projects.

What to build

There's no specific theme as to what to build.

We encourage hackers to tackle specific issues in the Web3 field or create new species.

We provided the idealist from Foresight X website to give some themes we are excited about, and at the same time, we are looking forward to your better inspirations.

Idealist From Foresight X Idealist

What to submit

You are expected to have two types of submissions:

  • The first is the project you hacked and built as a team.
  • The second is the workshop delivery as required by the workshop host as an individual participant of OpenBuild HK Hacker House.

Apart from the description, please provide a URL to your code repository for judging and testing OR a link to a functional, deployed application. If your code repository is private, you must share access with prior to the deadline.

For project submission, please include a video (about 3 minutes) that demonstrates your submission. Videos must be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook Video and made public. Specific requirements for each submission will be provided through "submission" function on DoraHacks.

For workshop submission, requirements and rules will be updated close to the event by workshop hosts and Foresight X.

Judging Criteria

Projects judging criteria


  • Quality of the Idea

    How creative and unique is the project?

  • Technological Implementation

    Does the project demonstrate viable implementation path? What is the current progress?

  • Design

    Is the user experience and design of the project well thought out?

  • Potential Impact

    How big of an impact could the project have on the end users and/or the blockchain industry? Does the project show quantitative user adoption or have the potential to be widely adopted?

  • Value contribution to open source commmunity

  • Project fundamentals including operations and adoption


TVL, Trading Volume, Protocol Revenue , Cumulative address, Monthly Active Address, Trading Volume , Gas paid Infrastructure, smart contract calls, unique smart contract callers etc.

Workshop delivery judging criteria

To be made and articulated by the workshop host on site.