About the Hackathon

BinaryX is your leading platform and incubator for GameFi projects. BinaryX’s Hackathon 2023 aims to discover innovative ideas and engage the development communities of its ecosystems.

We're particularly interested in web3 games or on-chain games that have the potential to be developed into complete products in the near future. Both independent and commercial developers are welcome to participate.


  • Best Overall Project 1st place - 10K USDT
  • Best Overall Project 2nd place - 5K USDT
  • Best Overall Project 3rd place - 3K USDT
  • Most Innovative Use of Web3 - 2K USDT
  • 2x Community Choice - 1K USDT each
  • IGO Slots: IGO Opportunity, potential funding up to 500K
  • Incubation Opportunity: including professional mentorship and advisory from our in-house experts
  • Sponsor's Rewards: Salus Security - credits for winning team, 3K USDT each winner
  • Sponsor's Rewards: Alibaba Cloud - credits for winning team, 1st place - 5K USDT, 2nd place - 3K USDT, 3rd place - 3K USDT, Most Innovative - 2K USDT, Community Choice - 2K USDT each.


  • Innovation: To find new solutions and concepts in blockchain gaming.

  • Talent Recognition: To identify talented individuals skilled in blockchain and gaming.

  • Community Interaction: To foster collaboration and learning among the BinaryX community.

  • IGO Ecosystem Promotion: To increase awareness about our IGO ecosystem and its opportunities.

Legal Copyright Disclaimer

For full disclaimer please refer to: http://bit.ly/45qItXv Our hackathon does not guarantee partnership with our IGO launchpad. The submission of projects should adhere to legal copyright regulations and should be the original work of the participants.


Registration - Submission - Selection / Judging - Demo Day

  • Registration Period: Aug 21 - Sept 25
  • Submission Period: Sep 5 - Sep 25
  • Selection/Judging: Sept 26 to Oct 3 ( May call teams up for meetings to understand their project better if judges have any questions)
  • Winners’ Project Demo Day/Prize giving ceremony: Oct 4

Team and Hacker Requirements


  • Team Size: At least 2
  • Communication: Teams should designate a team lead for communication with the hackathon.


  • Experience: In game development and/or web3.
  • Tools: Self-preparation required
  • Code of Conduct: Respect, collaboration, and fairness are expected. Harassment or cheating is strictly prohibited.
  • Presentation: Teams should be prepared to present their project, demonstrate their game, and answer any questions at the end of the hackathon.
  • Submission Requirements

Main Prompt:

  • Build an innovative GameFi application prototype that prioritises fun and has a sustainable tokenomic model.

Additional rules and requirements:

Projects should be submitted via GitHub. Please include the following in your submission:

  • A short 200 word brief that explains the submission
  • Source code for testing
  • Submit at least a 2 minute demo video of the application hosted on Youtube to prove it is a real application. Your submission to have a step by step visual demo.
  • All team member’s Telegram handles and an email address on the teams Dorahacks page
  • All team members’ biographies and experience, including the following: (up to 50 words each)
  • Whether your team is an independent developer or a commercial team
  • Whether your game is an on-chain game or not
  • experience in the gaming industry and web3-related experience
  • The development tools used to build the project
  • SDKs and APIs used in the project
  • Any assets used in the project
  • Any libraries used in the project
  • Any components not created at the hackathon
  • A link to the team Github repository
  • A link to a video of a screen capture of the application on Youtube.


  • Please submit blockchain deployable games only
  • All projects should be submitted to the hackathon GitHub account (TBA) before judging begins on Sep 23 at 12:00 pm. Failure to submit will result in disqualification. should commit regularly throughout the hackathon to the team repository. Team repositories that are committed in the entirety near the close of the hackathon, Sep 20, 2023, will be examined and the team could be disqualified for a rules violation. A single GitHub commit made near the end of the hackathon will draw the suspicion that the work was not completed at the hackathon.
  • All project submissions will be randomly code-reviewed. Applications will be spot checked by code reviewers. All the projects selected by the judges as finalists will be code reviewed to confirm that the code is original work created at the hackathon and all components and assets conform to the licenses allowed in these rules.