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2023/03/06-2023/03/16 12:00 UTC

MACI ETH Research Grant Community Voting (Round 2)

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  • 5,000 USDT Matching pool

The 2nd funding round of ETH Research Grant will provide $5,000 to fund grantees, based on the zero-knowledge voting results of vcDORA community during Mar 6th - 16th, 2023 at https://dorahacks.io/grant/ethre2/. Noticeably, this voting round will be the first practice of PLONK-MACI, which requires only 1 single trusted setup in ZK proof. DoraHacks MACK-PLONK will gradually replace Groth16-MACI and become the infrastructure for future zero-knowledge governance.

Initiated by Dora Dojo, ETH Research Grant is dedicated to funding projects and research topics in the Ethereum community and promoting the further development of Ethereum.

*Entry to ETH Research Grant will be always open for application, but application review and fund distribution will happen periodically in sequential rounds.


ETH Research Grant is a long-term funding program to support Ethereum ecological research, and the application channel is valid for a long time. Project selection and grant distribution are conducted on a monthly basis. Here is the schedule:

  • Project Submission:2022.12.12-Long term
  • Time Table:

Project Submission[Round 2]: Jan 29th - Feb 28th

Judging [Round 2]: Mar 1st - 4th

Community Voting: Mar 6th - 16th

Result Announcement: Mar 17th

Voting Rules

This round of community voting will be the first practice of  PLONK-MACI on the BNB Chain.

1. The voting ticket used here is Voice Credit, n votes=n^2 Voice Credit. How many votes you can cast depends on the number of  vcDORA aggregated by the address bound to the DoraHacks.io account when the voting ends (ie, 20:00 UTC+8 on March 16) (check here).


  • Voting does not affect your $DORA and vcDORA balance, and the amount of $DORA already staked will not decrease. If you want to get more vcDORA, you can also extend the stake period or increase the number of staked $DORA on this page.

  • Since voting needs $BNB as Gas Fee, please make sure that your $BNB is in the same address as vcDORA.

2. MACI refers to Minimum Anti-Collusion Infrastructure, which is an effective mechanism to prevent voting violations.

This voting round will be the first practice of PLONK based MACI. Through DoraHacks MACI-PLONK, the circuit design of zero-knowledge governance will be more flexible, and only one trusted startup is required. MACI will not affect the voting process, but will not display the voting results in real time. The results will be announceD after the end of the voting period.

Grant Pool Allocation Rules

ETH Research Grant comes in a total amount of $5000 in the 2nd community voting round, which will be allocated based on the Quadratic Voting results.

Quadratic Voting is a voting scheme introduced and often discussed in the Radical Markets community. It is often considered an innovative improvement of the traditional 1-person-1-vote or 1-dollar-1-vote voting schemes.

As the number of voting contributors for a BUIDL project increases, this BUIDL will receive a bigger matching prize from the community funding prize pool. Individual contributors can vote for their preferred projects to push them ahead in the funding round.

Details about Quadratic Voting plz check: https://dorahacks.io/blog/guides/what-is-quadratic-voting-funding-how-did-we-improve-it/

How to Vote by vcDORA:

Before voting you need:

  • Prepare vcDORA after staking $DORA (check staking guidelines below)

  • Prepare some $BNB as gas fee (0.01 BNB is enough)

1. All grantee projects are listed at https://dorahacks.io/grant/ethre2/ Enter the page to vote.

2. Select the project you want to support and click the "Add to MACI-Cart" button under it.

3. Then You’ll be asked to connect wallet for verifying vcDORA balance.

4. Enter the number of votes and confirm it, 1 vote = 0.1*vcDORA.

Note: If you encounter a super high gas fee, please do not confirm directly. Please check whether there is enough vcDORA balance at https://dao.dorahacks.io/#/mine.

5. Due to the MACI mechanism, the voting results will not be displayed in real time, and the final results will be announced after the end of community voting.

About Voting Ticket—vcDORA:

Dora Staking: a way to participate in governance of Dora grant communities. By staking $DORA at https://dao.dorahacks.io/#/stake , a staker will receive corresponding amount of vcDORA as the governance credit on DoraHacks.io

vcDORA: short for “voice credit Dora”, a community governance credit generated by Dora staking.

vcDORA is the non-transferable voice credit for DORA community governance, and the amount of vcDORA associated with an address is related to the amount of DORA staked, the duration of staking, and time elapsed since the initial staking date.

It has following features:

  • Decaying spontaneously: during the period of staking, the amount of vcDORA one holds will be decaying linearly until the end of staking period.

  • When finished staking, check out your vcDORA balance at specific date at https://dao.dorahacks.io/#/mine

  • non-transferable: vcDORA is designed to grant the governance credit to the stakers (the staking addresses), therefore it’s exclusive (or in popular term “soul-bound”) to the staker and is not allowed to be transferred.

  • Irrevocable: Staking is not allowed to be cancelled because it’s based on interactions with a smart contract. But it’s ok to increase staking amount or to prolong the staking period to get more vcDORA.

For more information, please read vcDORA - Governance Voice Credit for Open Community Grant DAO(s) by Eric Zhang, Founder of DoraHacks.

How to Stake

Before the following steps, please make sure you have enough $DORA tokens for staking and some ETH for gas because $DORA is currently a token on the Ethereum mainnet.

1.Go to https://dao.dorahacks.io/ Click “Connect Wallet”.

2.When your wallet is connected, you’ll see a Dora Staking profile page.

Click “Stake $DORA”.

3.Specify the amount and duration of staking in the form. “Initial vcDORA” estimates the amount of vcDORA you’ll get by the amount of $DORA and duration you’ll stake.

Notice: Staking can NOT be undone.

4.If you want to increase staking amount or extend staking period to get more vcDORA, go to https://dao.dorahacks.io/#/stake or click “Stake $DORA” tab to continue.

When staking expires, you can get the staked $DORA back on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What if I encounter problems during the voting process?

If you encounter failure during the voting process, please contact Dora Dōjō in the following ways.

Telegram: @DoraDojo0

WeChat: @HackerDojo0

2. Only MetaMask wallet supported in voting?

In addition to MetaMask, the DoraHacks platform supports all wallet connect compatible wallet types.

3. Can I check my voting records?

This voting round will be the first practice of PLONK based MACI. Through DoraHacks MACI-PLONK. Therefore, you cannot query voting records, and the page will not display the voting results in real time, but will announce the results after the entire voting process is over.

4. How do I know how many vcDORAs I have now?

When you finish staking, you can check your vcDORA balance at https://dao.dorahacks.io/#/mine anytime. It shows real-time vcDORA balance in your wallet as well as the estimated amount at any specific date in the staking period.

About Dora Dōjō

Dora Dōjō is an open source community for Frontier Web3 knowledge contributors and learners built by hackers. Dōjo organizes regular open-source knowledge sessions via Livestream/Twitter Space/blog posts, the topics including interpretation of Web3 cutting-edge technology papers, workshops, seminars with crypto tech leaders and so on. Welcome to discuss and learn in the Dora Dōjō community: https://community.dorahacks.io/c/buidl-dorahacks-io/6

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