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[Evmos][Advanced][Building Dapps on Evmos Chapter 3]



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[This bounty requires pre-communication before the task. Please contact @dorahacksofficial via Telegram to make sure you're eligible for the bounty. Continue reading to learn the sign-up process.]

Evmos is an EVM-compatible, IBC-enabled blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem that’s designed for cross-chain dApp development. With groundbreaking features like EVM Extensions, the Evmos SDK, and the Evmos dApp Store, Evmos gives developers the freedom to take advantage of IBC and connect their smart contracts to the Cosmos Ecosystem.

This bounty is funding learners who can study the given materials to induct and explain the key points, and share his/her learnings and insights via a video podcast/workshop session[Anonymity allowed]. Read below for the requirements and details.

Bounty type:

Learn-to-Earn IBC ecosystems - Evmos

Language requirements:


Applicant requirements:

1.Before starting working on this bounty, the applicant MUST contact DoraHacks to get confirmation first.

2.The applicant should have basic knowledge about EVM, Cosmos IBC and blockchain in general.

3.The required language should be the applicant’s native/second language.

4.The final deliverables include workshops on the given topic and a summarized article. Examples see https://community.dorahacks.io/t/zero-knowledge-proof-plonk-link-of-bounties-https-dorahacks-io-daobounty-199/331

How to finish the bounty task:

1.Read/Watch the provided references to understand the key concepts and fundamentals. You're welcome to read more references that are not listed here.

2.Live Workshop Broadcast.

3.Notes and summary

As the final deliverable, submit your summary in the forms including texts, pictures, or links at our forum

Must READ:


1.Please click Participate on the left side on this page for registration ;

2.Before starting the task, bounty hunters(applicants) will be asked to enter a simple screening via Telegram. Please contact @dorahacksofficial via Telegram before your study;

3.The hunter approved will be granted the right to claim Bounty by starting the study;

4.When the progress of the task is confirmed to be ready for the live workshop, DoraHacks team will schedule a live sharing session for you to showcase your research results;

5.Bounty in crypto will be issued after completing the live session and manuscript. Please claim the rewards on this page. (Hunter Rewards Claiming Guide: https://dorahacks.io/blog/guides/bounty-hunter/)

What is PGS?

Public Goods Staking, or PGS, is a Dora Factory innovation wherein validator rewards get funneled back into the ecosystem rather than extracted as a typical validator commission. A PGS validator uses the commission fees to sponsor grants, hackathon prizes, bounty rewards, and ecosystem funding opportunities specifically for ecosystem chain developers and teams developing frontier technologies.

PGS validators provide an everlasting source of funding for ecosystem developers, regardless of external market conditions, which helps ensure the sustainability of chain activity and long-term growth. These developer incentives will be available to all community members on the DoraHacks platform.


Telegram: @dorahacksofficial

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    Very nice project and congratulations to the team for their efforts and dedication and highly appreciated the visionary thought of the projector and it will create history. It will go to moon sure.

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