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Hacker Dōjo|Project Research: Experiments testing macroscopic quantum superpositions



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  • Research
  • quantum physics
  • macroscopic quantum superpositions
  • Wigner's Friend Experiments
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Introduction: If you are familiar with the macroscopic quantum superpositions and have a strong background in quantum physics, we would like to invite you to apply for this grant to help us explain this article “Experiments testing macroscopic quantum superpositions must be slow” by Andrea Mari, Giacomo De Palma, and Vittorio Giovannetti. You would share your research with the Dōjo community in the form of live sharing sessions. Bounty rewards will be issued AFTER the live sharing session.

Sign-up process

  1. Please click Participate on the left side of this page for registration ;
  2. Before starting the research, hunters are required to undergo the initial screening. Please contact Hacker Dōjo @HackerDojo0 via Telegram;
  3. The hunter who passes the initial screening will be granted the right to claim Bounty and proceed to start the research;
  4. After confirming the research progress is ready, the Dōjo team will arrange a live sharing session for you to showcase your research results;
  5. Bounty reward will be issued after completing the live sharing session and manuscript. Please claim the bonus on this page.

(Hunter Rewards Claiming Guide: https://dorahacks.io/blog/guides/bounty-hunter/)

Specific details ⬇️

Subjects: Experiments testing macroscopic quantum superpositions must be slow


(Must Read) Experiments testing macroscopic quantum superpositions must be slow

You are welcome to search for relevant data on your own; If other data sources were referenced in the research results, please indicate them.

Language requirements: English

Live Sharing Session ($300 bonus): 1. Present with referenced materials, clarify the subject; 2. Please make sure your explanation is straightforward, simple, and engaging.

What is Hacker Dōjo?

Hacker Dōjo is an open source community for Frontier Web3 knowledge contributors and learners built by hackers. Dōjo organizes regular open-source knowledge sessions via Livestream/Twitter Space/blog posts, the topics including interpretation of Web3 cutting-edge technology papers, workshops, seminars with crypto tech leaders and so on.

By joining Dōjo, hackers can suggest personal learning expectations, or take the initiative to propose topics that they are skilled at and have Dōjo team organize sharing sessions. At the same time, the Hacker Dōjo Web3 Research Program offers subjects regularly for hackers to study and share their insights. Contributors will be rewarded in the form of a bounty.


E-mail: hackerdojo0@gmail.com

Telegram: @HackerDojo0

  • jan-o-e received 300.0000 USDT reward on 2023/02/16 23:33:47

  • The bounty was completed on 2023/02/16 23:33:46

  • jan-o-e submitted a solution on 2023/02/16 18:14:44
    The result that testing macroscopic superpositions of masses or charges is fundamentally bounded by a minimum time, described in the following paper [A. Mari, G. D. Palma, and V. Giovannetti, Experiments testing macroscopic quantum superpositions must be slow, Scientific Reports 6, (2016)] is explained, contextualized and the background physics is introduced.

  • jan-o-e submitted a solution on 2023/02/08 17:38:36
    Presentation found on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEamIUp0_fw. A result from the above paper is presented here which states the any local experiment which discriminates between a coherent superposition and an incoherent statistical mixture requires a minimum time proportional either to the mass or charge of the system. We proceed by explaining the difference between coherent superpositions and statistical mixtures, as well as explaining the desire for consistency with relativistic causality and then proceed to contextualise this result with respect to existing experiments testing microscopic and macroscopic quantum superpositions. Finally, the thought experiment which gives rise to the result will be presented for both massive and charged particles. Reach out at: ernst.jo99@gmail.com

  • khale-d submitted a solution on 2023/01/18 08:34:08

  • Dora Dōjo created the bounty on 2022/10/21 22:25:37