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Isekai Metaverse
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A Web 3 ACGN creator ecosystem

Isekai Metaverse is an Isekai theme Web3 ACGN (anime, comics, games, and novels) content distribution and creation platform. Based on the open-source creator protocol: Isekai Protocol, users can create various forms of derivative creation based on the original IP, eventually forming an NFT content network between derivatives and originals, building a bottom-up ACGN content creation ecosystem together.

️Isekai Metaverse provides users with a creator platform and a visual novel maker. Users can upload derivative creations, explore content and trade NFTs on the platform, and use the visual novel maker to import illustrations, music, dubbings and scripts from the platform into the visual novel maker to create plot branches and complete visual novels.

Isekai Protocol is a content creator protocol based on open-source consensus. This protocol enables creators to create derivative creations based on original works for commercial purposes, and derivative creations need to follow the same protocol. When derivative creations realize gains, owners of NFTs used in derivative creations can gain relevant profit through an on-chain royalty system.

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