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Updated 5 days ago
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Our vision is to build a decentralized protocol that empowers users with complete control over their content consumption experience.

Our vision is to create a more democratic and transparent Content Distribution and Recommendation Ecosystem by leveraging Web3 technology and open on-chain data to revolutionize the way users interact with content. We believe that we can make the internet a more equitable and user-centric place where users have control over what they see, free from centralized algorithms and opaque content curation practices.

To achieve this goal, we aim to build a decentralized protocol for content data mining using advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques. By empowering users with complete control over their content consumption experience, they can discover personalized content that is meaningful and engaging based on their interests, preferences, and behaviors, while also allowing them to filter out irrelevant or unwanted content.

In addition, the MetaTrend protocol will be available as composable APIs, which can be easily integrated into Social dApps to provide a more immersive social experience with tailored feeds for their users based on their interests and preferences.

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