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the Web3 first step into the metaverse, for the rest of us!

NFT enabled defi multi-chain Social gaming: and the most amazing VR website you've ever seen!

tudaBirds High APR Yield Farm in the metaNest : Whitelist for guaranteed early entry https://metanest.tudabirds.io/farm for guaranteed early entry!

Player to player winnings and revenue shares & NFB NFTS with royalties revenue share and utility in all current and future games

Not to mention an amazing defi background including the opening soon tudaFarm Yield Farming Facility

Team Information

Daniel: German-based Canadian with 40 years across the tech sector, 10+ in FinTech, highly reputed blockchain and token economy architect since 2017

Volo: Ukraine-based tech guru with 4 years architecting and building/delivering both defi and centralised blockchain/crypto financial solutions and full-blown crypto exchanges.

They are supported by a team of (6+) tech nomads, (4) artists and a marketing/community team of ten more: most have experience in the crypto and NFT space but, in keeping with the tudaBirds arena theme of earning and learning we have also taken on and are tutoring the Marketing and Community team members to learn the tricks of the trade Team blockchain capabilities extend across BSC, ERC/ETH, Solana, Polygon Solidity, smart contracts and a broad set of DApps, as well as wallets and centralised / decentralised exchanges.

Our primary reference is our tudaBirds set of websites: - a BSC and Solana presale and sale platform and our buy and mint NFT facility (polygon, BSC, + : not currently online)

Battle200X and the retro birdTris

Both games are using our proprietary tudaBirds metaNest backbone (internal wallet, bonus and earnings, avatar NFT integration (step 1)