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- Gamefi Metaverse that combines Defi with GameFi, with the visionary of being not only a game but also an ecosystem for anime and game's enthusiasts. - Animverse is an limitless universe - a potential land for those who are eager to explore opportunities to increase income in new economic areas. In the short and medium term, Animverse focuses on developing a large community of players, bringing practical income to players and investors while providing creative fun experiences in the colorful, challenging anime world. In the long-term, Animverse is intends to become an ecosystem of blockchain, crypto, NFTs, Market Place, the driving force behind the NFTs, Metaverse, and Play-to-earn game series.

Animverse is a metaverse play-to-earn MMORPG game inspired by global phenomenon Animes/Mangas such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, OnePiece. The game is based on Blockchain technology and NFTs, with the visionary to provide players an ecosystem of playing, investing, and expanding their creativity by create their own NFTs items. In Animverse, gamers will turn into a hero and join a guild to conquer different planets - where they can exploit the recourses by staking tokens and farming for NFTs items. Users can gather and create as well as operate their own community by building guilds, leading or supporting their leaders to play and earn from the game. Moreover, they also play a role in contributing to the Animverse’s game-play, game-mode, NFT item types via DAO voting.

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