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CRUZO - First NFT Greeting Card & Crypto Gifts Web3 Platform
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Bringing a billion-dollar industry to Blockchain. Our mission is to advance the mass adaptation of NFTs through revolutionary postcards, crypto gifts & party goods marketplace. Join us!

What are we doing?

The first NFT greeting card, crypto gifts, and Metaverse party goods multi-chain Web3 platform. Where creators, users (seekers), collectors, and businesses can meet and interact (mint, sell, buy and gift) with NFT digital greeting cards and crypto gifts. Bringing a billion-dollar industry to Blockchain.

Our mission is to advance the mass adaptation of NFTs through a revolutionary greeting cards and gifts marketplace

Our main goals

Decrease competition, more profits for all. Cruzo combines the benefits of owning a niche platform in the NFT space for creators while serving a billion-dollar market requiring millions of on-chain transactions.

Generate New hype on greetings. Cruzo’s greeting stories combined traditional greeting cards with viral video format to create a new market with the potential for secondary sales and crypto gift giving.

Build Creators DAO. We are developing a community-driven Web3 platform based on ESG principles. Creators will shape the future of Cruzo and even choose Charitable Programs to support.

Ecology & Climat. Cruzo will move billions of greeting cards and envelopes to the digital world, reducing the deforestation required to support the paper giants currently running the greeting card industry.

Problems we want to solve

Ownership of digital content (greeting/postcard) - If you buy and gift to a recipient a digital e-card on the Web2 website they allow you just to send it and you pay for that service but you or the recipient is not owning it. The right still belongs to that website. NFT is a solution that is giving the ownership and right do to what you want with it.

Utility for digital greetings - Blockchain technology provides an opportunity to add utility to cards. They can be collectible with some benefits for owners, they can be purchased or sold on a secondary market, and they can be a key to access somewhere or simply stoked in your etc.

Postcards too old - If you want to be a game-changer on market, you should provide something new. We presenting NFT Greeting stories for a young audience (mobile-first). This a new hype storytelling format realized in 2D or 3D animated video with easy sharing options.

Reduce time on searching a selection - A common problem for all types of users: "I would like to send a greeting but have no time for search and selection". AI smart event manager will solve that problem. How? Follow us for updates.

Onboarding for Crypto/NFT newbies - Greetings is a well-known and understandable product for everyone.But what if your recipient does not have a crypto wallet? It's not a problem. With Cruzo you can gift/send greetings even if you don't know the recipient's wallet or if it does not exist at all.

I need something original - Cryptocurrency as a gift. Gift a bitcoin in an original way. Crypto gift cards or even crypto Teddy bears which you can gift in the Metaverse. All these new trends which we are creating in Cruzo.

Boring Metaverse - Very soon Metaverse will become a place where we will spend a lot of our time: work, meetings, play, and having fun. Probably we will celebrate our major life events like birthdays, weddings, etc. To make it awesome we need cool party goods. All necessary you can buy it on Cruzo Marketplace in Metaverse .

User engagement - The problem of existing web2 websites is weak user engagement. We provide gamification in the greetings industry (gift2earn). Probably this is the first time on greetings market when each time when you congratulate and share greetings you can earn.

Climate change - Humans have already moved many things to Blockchain. We move greetings, postcards, and gifts. This will be your contribution to environmental protection. No more paper, colors, transportation, and less carbon footprint


Our DApp will provide an opportunity to send/share NFT greetings in Instagram stories, Tik-Tok, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. As well as:

  • Secondary Market for Greetings
  • Collectible cards
  • NFT Greeting stories
  • Smart event manager
  • Generative NFT invites
  • Sharprice (Fair price on NFT)
  • Crypto Gifts
  • Gift2Earn rewards program
  • XURY Wallet

Why Greeting Cards?

Novelty - There are no NFT Greeting Cards or greeting card marketplaces.

Scalability - Suitable for everyone, of any gender and age.

On-demand - Web2 website's popularity proves the existing demand for digital greetings.

Huge Market - Over 20 Billion Dollars are spent on greeting cards each year.

Greetings cards are fun

Our users

We are targeting: 1) Users (seekers) - who are hiring greetings cards to express emotions or feelings with the recipient. 2) Creators - who are looking for sustainable income on a daily basis. They are hiring a platform to sell more artworks realized as greeting cards. 3) Business owners or Marketers - who are looking for ways to increase customer loyalty or sell more gift cards. 4) NFT collectors - who are looking for something different (understandable).

How we built it

Technological stack

Frontend: React, ethers.js, web3-react

Backend: Nest.js (REST API), ethers.js, Postgres, Pinata (IPFS)

Blockchain (smart contracts): Solidity

Indexer (WIP)

User advantages:

Multi-chain - Cruzo is a cross-blockchain platform supporting Cronos, Avalanche, Ethereum, Polygon, and others.

Gas-free - No gas fees for Creators and Buyers on the selected blockchain.

Low commission - We are a low commission peer-to-peer marketplace, Creators keep 97% of every sale.

Royalties - Automatic payouts to the Creators made on secondary sales.

Market analysis

Current Greeting cards market volume - $20b dollars in 2020, based on Dataintello Agency forecast for the next 10 years it will grow up to $40b. At the same time we have a booming NFT market raised up to $25b in 2021. Our aim is to attract users from both markets mentioned above.

The global party supplies market was valued at $12b in 2019, and is projected to reach $20b by 2027, registering a CAGR of 8.8% from 2021 to 2027. Party supplies are essential items and accessories required to organize a party or event.

In 2019, the worldwide personalized gifts market was valued at about $23b. By 2026, the market size is projected to grow to an estimated $34b.

Looking at the mass digitalization of everything as well as the booming Metaverse we forecasting demand for digital gifts and party goods.

Our competitors

Web2/Physical: American Greetings, Hallmark, Moonpig, Evite, Paperlesspost. American Greetings and others have a very strong position on the market, but they do not provide NFT for their customers.

Web3/Blockchain: OpenSea, Rarible, Airnfts. OpenSea is a leading marketplace for NFT, but they are for all types of content. Noone does specialize in greeting content.

We are building a niche marketplace for NFT cards, crypto gifts, and party goods for Metaverse. Positioning together with Blockchain technology will give us an undeniable advantage in that market.

Growth plan & milestones

Key metrics: Users growth, monthly active users, time spent on the platform, sales volume (revenue), number of on-chain transactions (minting, selling, gifting, reselling), CAC, LTV, NPS.


2022 - Starting with the basics Users: 50-100k Revenue: $300-500k Milestones: Web DApp, Community, Crypto Gifts, IDO

2023 - Market innovations Users: 500k-1m Revenue: $3-5m Milestones: Mobile DApp, Generative NFTs, Wallet, DAO

2024 - Becoming market leader Users: 10-20m Revenue: $100-150m Milestones: B2B Accounts, Launchpad, Smart event planer, META connect

2025 - Global web3 platform Users: 30-50m Revenue: $200-300m Milestones: All countries, All languages

2026 - Cruzo succeeds as unicorn Blockchain startup and pushes the market to full Web3 future

Relevant links

Pitch Deck - https://cruzo.io/docs/CRUZO-Startup-Pitch-Deck.pdf

GitHub - https://github.com/cruzocards/

Product development roadmap with key features and milestones - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OMTDHNIXpK58EkI-i-rYw1jMq7sWNobTZluxumfij70/edit?usp=sharing

UX/UI product design - https://www.figma.com/proto/882kzjuN5y4Up5X9kGu2n7/cruzo-%E2%80%94-marketplace-(design)?page-id=95%3A33&node-id=686%3A10016&viewport=54%2C509%2C0.02&scaling=min-zoom

Project website - https://cruzo.io

Band book - https://cruzo.io/docs/CRUZO-Brandbook-ENG.pdf

Staging environment - https://front.alpha.cruzo.cards/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/CruzoCards

Blog - https://cruzo.medium.com/

Contact us - hello@cruzo.io

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