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2022/11/28-2023/01/21 13:00 UTC

BNB Grant DAO Round 2 Voting time!

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Tracks of open funding in this round

  • DAOs / Communities

  • Metaverse/Gaming/Music/NFT

  • Frontier technology

  • Defi

  • Public Goods (Web3 Infra & Tooling)

  • Crypto Twitter & Social

  • ZK BNB


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    BNB Grant DAO Round 3 community has attracted a lot of attention, with a total of 463 teams applying for the funding. After a thorough selection process, 26 teams have made it to the community voting, which will take place from April 2nd to April 12th. The 26 teams will split a $30,000 grant pool, consisting of $20,000 in BUIDLer's grants and a $10,000 matching pool of quadratic funding.

    Let’s take a tour of our Grantees of Round 3! These 26 grantees represent some of the most promising and innovative projects in the BNB Chain ecosystem. And the final distribution of the QF prize pool is now visible at https://dorahacks.io/bnb/3/top

    *Teams that didn’t reply to DoraHacks’ notification about the grant were disqualified from the BUIDLers’ grants.

    First Rank Grantees

    US3R Network

    Track: Public Goods (Web3 Infra & Tooling)

    Build Pure Decentralized Hybrid Apps with Programmable Decentralized Off-chain data.


    Track: Frontier technology

    A Label-to-Earn platform leveraging a global workforce for AI data labeling to improve the performance.

    Daren Market

    Track: Public Goods (Web3 Infra & Tooling)

    Daren is the world's first on chain market for Web3 community and business, empowering WEB3 organizations in the form of communities to realize a series of business closure loops such as business realizations, brand building, community activation, and collaborative attraction, etc.

    Second Rank Grantees


    Track: Crypto Twitter & Social

    WalletChat is building the infrastructure for wallet-to-wallet messaging, enabling individuals and communities to connect in novel web3-native ways.

    Octan Network

    Track: Public Goods (Web3 Infra & Tooling)

    Octan Network aims to build an innovative Reputation Ranking System (RRS) based on improved PageRank and pairwise ranking algorithms.


    Track: Public Goods (Web3 Infra & Tooling)

    Pairwise: Tinder UX for web3 community signaling

    A3S Protocol

    Track: Public Goods (Web3 Infra & Tooling)

    A3S Protocol is a multi-chain protocol to build the next generation of address standards, whereby users can mint addresses with no private keys but are controlled by NFTs.

    NFT Shuttle

    Track: Metaverse/Gaming/Music/NFT

    The first NFT bridge that secures the scalable rights of NFT holders across chains.

    Smoothie Finance

    Track: Public Goods (Web3 Infra & Tooling)

    Leverage trade on the hottest altcoins. Option trading as easy as it should be.

    Leto payment middleware for wallets

    Track: Defi

    Payment middleware for wallets providing gasless transfers by link or phone numbers, and cross-chain private transfers.

    Rising Star Grantees

    Honos finance

    Track: Frontier technology

    Honos finance is an ambitious project that seeks to bridge the gap between web2 and web3.


    Track: Public Goods (Web3 Infra & Tooling)

    Build native web applications without code.


    Track: Public Goods (Web3 Infra & Tooling)

    Enhancing supply chain via DeFi and blockchain SERA is a decentralized protocol that adds DeFi power to ERP via blockchain.

    Calamus Finance - Money Streaming

    Track: Public Goods (Web3 Infra & Tooling)

    Your decentralized crypto streaming platform - Automate real-time salary, startup vesting or any transactions with enhanced security and transparency.

    Atem Network

    Track:  Crypto Twitter & Social

    Atem Network is building a decentralized content creation protocol. We aim to help creators tokenize their content and build web-native communities.

    NFT Protect

    Track: Metaverse/Gaming/Music/NFT

    Decentralized self-custody protocol for safeguarding digital assets from theft and private key compromise.

    NEFTME – From People to People!

    Track: Metaverse/Gaming/Music/NFT

    NEFTME is a social network APP, where its users can monetize challenging each other in exchange for money.


    Track: Frontier technology

    Riftly is an all-in-one white label loyalty system that utilizes empowers web2 audiences with web3 blockchain technology to incentive, engage and grow audiences through gamification.

    Oi! Network

    Track: Crypto Twitter & Social

    Oi! Network is a Web3 earning mobile app that allows users to monetize their own activities through cryptos over the top of social networks without migrating, thereby creating an incentive layer and a task layer of the Internet.

    The Reader

    Track: Metaverse/Gaming/Music/NFT

    The Reader - Kindle in the Web3 era; come to The Reader, invest in the next "Three Body Problem".


    Track: Metaverse/Gaming/Music/NFT

    TechTrees is web3 organization currently working on bridging SDG 15 on WEB3. TTC is developing a metaverse where users can buy land to develop their own forests/orchards by purchasing tree NFTs, in return to rewards.

    Pulsar Protocol

    Track: Defi

    Swap and long-term invest crypto on TWAMM protocol.


    Track: Metaverse/Gaming/Music/NFT

    "Trustified" - Truly Certified. A platform to issue verifiable, temper-proof, and perpetual digital certificates and badges on Blockchain.